What’s In It? Driven Racing Oil KRT4-Stroke Karting 0W-20


Not only is kart racing one of the most popular forms of motorsports in the world, it is also one of the most technologically advanced. KRT 4-Stroke Karting 0W-20 from Driven Racing Oil is purpose-built for complex four-stroke kart engines running on either gasoline or race fuel. Ideal for Clone and Honda power plants, KRT uses a combination of advanced PAO, mPAO and TMP Ester base oils. This “trifecta” of synthetic base stocks provides the ideal combination of reduced friction, temperature stability and load-carrying capacity that these engines require.

KRT also uses proprietary anti-wear and friction-reducing additives to protect cams and lifters as well as piston skirts, bearings and other vital engine parts. However, these additives not only offer protection as they provide dyno-proven power gains of as much as .4 horsepower.

Because kart engines are splash-lubricated it is important have excellent air-release and low-foaming tendencies, so KRT was formulated to provide both of these key attributes as well.

In simplest terms, KRT 4-Stroke Karting OW-20 is designed to help kart engines make as much power as possible on each and every lap.

What’s In KRT 4-Stroke Karting OW-20 Oil?



PAO, mPAO and TMP Ester base oils Provide fluid film to lubricate and cool the   engine components; reduce friction, provide temperature stability &   necessary load-carrying capacity
Anti-Wear & Friction-Reducing Additives Protect internal engine components from   adhesive wear due to metal-on-metal contact; increase HP
Dispersants Suspends dirt and combustion blow-by products   in the oil
Antioxidants Prevents the chemical breakdown of the oil
Friction Modifier Reduces friction between rubbing and sliding   parts
Corrosion Inhibitor Prevents rust and corrosion due to moisture   and acids that invade the engine from the fuel, combustion and atmosphere
Seal-Swell Agent Conditions the seal materials to prevent   leaks
Viscosity Index Improver Improves the viscosity characteristics of the   motor oil
Anti-Foam Agents Specially selected to provide the air-release   required for a splash-lubricated engine