Product Spotlight Video: Driven Racing Oil Carb Defender™ Fuel Additive


Huntersville, NC –Driven’s Certified Lubrication Specialist, Lake Speed Jr., discusses the features and benefits of Carb Defender™ Fuel Additive and how its formulation is superior to competing products on the market.

By now it’s no secret that Ethanol-blended pump gas causes corrosion in carburetors. There are lots of additives designed to combat this problem, but many do not provide the protection of Driven Racing Oil™ Carb Defender. Watch as Lake Speed Jr. explains how Carb Defender provides the correct type of additives to protect aluminum, Zinc, magnesium and steel from fuel. Carb Defender essentially serves as three products in one, as it offers fuel stabilization, deposit cleaning and corrosion protection. It is also safe for emissions-controlled vehicles and is available in a stronger dose than any other option available.

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