Driven Racing Oil FR20 Synthetic 5W-20


Huntersville, NC The FR20 Synthetic 5W-20 from Driven Racing Oil™ meets the three primary oil needs of modified, high performance modular Mustangs. Namely, it meets extra demands placed on oil by Variable Valve Timing (VVT), withstands increased temperature from power adders and reduces oil consumption and vaporization.

When it comes to meeting the unique demands of Modular Ford engines, FR20 oil is in a class of its own.  A lightweight oil with a 50% higher viscosity index of conventional oils, FR20’s race-proven formula yields maximum power output without sacrificing protection, even in high RPM usage. And because of its low-volatility chemistry, it helps reduce oil consumption by counteracting harmful vaporization and oil-foaming. Besides having an Ultra High Viscosity Index, FR20 also features a higher Zinc content (ZDDP) for anti-wear protection and viscosity breakdown prevention on high-output engines with upgraded performance components. Engines like these need oil that can protect on the road, on the track and in the garage.