Driven Racing Oil Spline Grease


Spline Grease provides top-quality protection for cambered axle drive flanges, sprint car drivelines and much more.

Designed specifically for racing applications with sliding spline teeth operating at high temperatures, Driven Racing Oil Spline Grease utilizes a high viscosity synthetic base, proprietary anti-wear additives and a Polyurea thickener that is specifically developed to extend the durability of high speed sliding spline teeth. The higher viscosity synthetic base stocks create enhanced thermal stability and oxidation resistance, while the robust anti-wear additive package is fortified with Moly for excellent wear protection for splined teeth applications. Meanwhile, the Polyurea thickener controls oil loss from the grease in extreme temperature environments. Designed with the help of SKF Bearing Company and track-tested by top World of Outlaws Sprint Car teams and NASCAR Sprint Cup teams, Driven Racing Oil Spline Grease creates longer service intervals and better part life.