Driven Racing Oil Speed Clean Is A “True” Multi-Purpose Cleaner


Huntersville, NCDriven Racing OilSpeed Clean is a foaming cleaner and degreaser designed to quickly and safely remove grease, rubber and grime from practically any surface.

New Speed Clean from Driven is a special foaming action spray developed to remove grease, rubber and grime without leaving behind any oily residue or harming painted surfaces or vinyl graphics. This general purpose product cuts through tough contaminants with ease, allowing it to have virtually unlimited household, shop and track uses. Originally designed to clean rubber & track grime off of race cars, it is also great for under hood cleaning, road grime and bug removal.  It can be used as a general automotive cleaner, to clean dirt and debris from shop equipment and even to eliminate carpet stains. Available in 18 oz. spray cans, Driven Speed Clean is a must-have for everyone from hobby racers and enthusiasts to top-level NASCAR teams.