Driven Racing Oil Incorporates New mPAO Technology In All Synthetics


Driven Racing Oil™ has made a major technological leap by incorporating cutting-edge mPAO into all of its engine oils to allow for improved lubrication and performance.

mPAO is a next-generation synthetic base oil used by Driven in all of its performance lubricants. By using this mPAO base, Driven is able to create a lightweight motor oil that retains a high HTHS (High Temperature High Shear) viscosity to provide an oil that’s less sensitive to heat, doesn’t break down under extreme friction and thrives in grueling environments. Lubrication scientists use a “viscosity index” to compare the quality of different base oils. The index is based on Pennsylvania Crude, the highest quality conventional oil you can drill for. PA Crude has a viscosity index of 100. The very best synthetic base oil until now has been PAO, which is quite a bit better than any conventional oil as it features an index number of 140. mPAO has a viscosity index of 200, providing solid evidence of its lubrication properties. Dyno tests show that engines consistently gain one-and-a-half horsepower with the new oil formulations containing mPAO. Driven is a pioneer of this next-generation technology, and has added it to all of its synthetic oils at no additional cost to customers. In fact, the very same oil Driven sells to the customer also goes into every Joe Gibbs Racing engine, meaning that it is formulated to work at the highest levels of competition and performance.