Driven Racing Oil HVL (High Viscosity Lubricant) Is A True Multi-Use Lubricant


Driven Racing Oil HVL first and foremost provides a tenacious yet fluid film to protect reciprocating and rotating components during engine assembly and initial break-in. It flows into the bearings on the rocker arms and roller lifters — something that grease cannot do. This non-foaming product mixes with break-in oil and extends film thickness during the critical break-in process. It can be added to standard oil to increase its film thickness as well.

Driven HVL can be applied to engine bearings, piston skirts, bushings, oil pump gears and even other metal components such as suspension rod ends. HVL has an affinity for metal, allowing it to cling to metallic surfaces rather than just creating stringy tackifiers.

The high viscosity of HVL provides extreme load carrying ability, making it perfect for hard-to-lubricate parts. Driven Racing Oil High Viscosity Lubricant offers superior lubrication properties over general spray lubricants but can be used in all the same applications.

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