Driven Racing Oil HR Synthetic


The HR synthetic oil from Driven Racing Oil™ is formulated to maximize protection, performance and efficiency in classic engines, and is the trusted choice of the top engine builders and parts manufacturers.

Including just the right amount of “Fast Burn” Zinc (ZDDP) and made from a “no compromises” synthetic base, the 10W- 30, 10W-40 and 15W-50 formulas are race-proven and will ensure that your engine has all the crucial anti-wear protection it needs. Even when your hot rod is in storage, the U.S. military-spec rust and corrosion inhibitors will make sure it stays damage-free until it’s time to bring it back on the street or track. Providing extended oil change intervals, synthetic oil is ideal for street rods with crate engines, and is well suited for a wide variety of hot rods, muscle cars and vintage vehicles. With no additives required, the synthetic formula can be used in all emissions equipped vehicles and is compliant with OBDII. If you’re a hot rod owner looking to maximize your fuel economy when you’re on the street or track, or just looking to keep your engine protected during storage periods, look no further than the HR Synthetic blend from Driven Racing Oil.