Driven Racing Oil HD50 Synthetic 15W-50


Huntersville, NCNew HD50 synthetic motor oil from Driven is engineered specifically for modified Harleys with performance cams. Its specialized ingredients reduce friction, provide anti-wear protection as well as extended oil change intervals, and is even compatible with wet clutches.   

The unique 15W-50 blend utilizes just the right amount of Zinc (ZDDP) in addition to U.S. military-spec rust and corrosion additives. This formula provides protection for roller camshafts and counteracts the corrosion and other damage that can be caused during bike storage periods, even accounting for the additional challenges posed by wet clutch systems. Because it uses a next generation mPAO synthetic base, the HD50 delivers a 50% higher viscosity index compared to conventional oils.  Plus, its careful balance of detergents and “fast burn” Zinc enables it to protect even the most aggressive camshafts.   Air-cooled engines generate extreme temperatures, but HD50 has you covered by protecting against the deposits, burn-off and thermal breakdown that can occur with this setup. Its competition proven formula, combined with its “no compromises” synthetic base that provides extended oil change intervals, make Driven HD50 the trust­ed choice of top motorcycle builders.