Driven Racing Oil Break-In Gear Oil


Break-In Gear Oil is built for race cars and high performance street cars and trucks. It features an extreme pressure additive package to protect rear-end ring gears, pinions and bearings.

Used by top NASCAR gear builders and other leading mechanics, this petroleum-based, non-synthetic gear break-in oil allows gear teeth to break in quickly while improving their surface finish. By polishing the gear teeth, micro-pitting is eliminated to improve gear durability. A smooth gear surface can carry more load and last longer. The break-in oil is designed for initial break-in to establish a protective extreme pressure film on the critical wear surfaces, and to smooth those surfaces during the process. Driven Break-In Gear Oil is meant for non-polished gear sets in order to provide the same surface-smooth effects of polishing without the added procedure. The oil can be run for the normal break-in cycle, and then a synthetic racing gear oil may be installed to get the most protection and efficiency from the rear gear and transmission. Driven Break-in Gear Oil is available in quart bottles.