Driven Racing Oil BR40 Break-In Oil


Huntersville, NC New BR40 Break-In Oil from Driven Racing Oil™ is specially formulated to provide your engine with the proper foundation for maximum durability and performance during the critical break-in period.

Driven’s new BR40 Break-In Oil features a conventional 10W-40 viscosity that’s perfect for motorcycle, classic muscle car and European sports car engines. BR40 not only delivers maximum scuffing protection, it also contains an anti-wear formulation that doesn’t rely on friction modifiers, which helps promote proper ring seating. Ideal for use in flat tappet and aggressive roller cam engines, the BR40 blend is formulated to improve ring seal without increasing wear, and is good for dyno testing, a night of racing or up to 400 miles on the street. With no Zinc (ZDDP) added, the BR40 Break-In Oil is best used with Ethanol-blended fuels, pure Methanol fuels and oxygenated race fuels. Just combine BR40 with a proper break-in procedure, and you can be sure that you’ve done everything required to ensure both maximum engine performance and service life.