Driven Racing Oil BR Break-In Oils


Petroleum break-in oils from Driven provide the proper levels of “fast burn” Zinc, Phosphorous and essential anti-wear additives to correctly break in high performance applications.

Used by Joe Gibbs Racing to break in and dyno all of its race engines, Driven BR Break-In Oils are the perfect choice for the first 400 miles on the street, one night of racing or dyno power pulls. BR Break-In Oils feature high levels of Zinc and Phosphorus, as well as a comprehensive additive package that promotes ring seal and provides the maximum protection available for cams and lifters during the initial break-in process. As a result they do not require any additional ZDDP additives. All Driven BR Break-In Oils also feature low levels of detergent for maximum anti-wear film formation. The break-in oils are compatible with methanol and high-octane race fuels, and are available in 15W-50 (BR) and 5W-30 (BR30) formulas. Ideal for flat tappet camshafts, Driven BR provides maximum protection for looser clearance and high compression engines, while Driven BR30 is specially formulated for hydraulic lifter engines, as well as those used in restrictor plate and drag racing. BR30 is also ideal for OEM rebuilds and hydraulic roller camshaft engines.