Driven HR Conventional Oil


Not all automotive enthusiasts want to use synthetic oil, which is exactly why Driven Racing Oil™ also offers conventional, petroleum-based blends for your hot rod, muscle car or collector car.

Available in 10W-30, 10W-40 and 15W-50 viscosities, HR conventional oil is made from a petroleum base, but contains U.S. military-spec rust and corrosion inhibitors that provide unmatched wintertime storage protection. Additionally, the custom-made viscosities fit a variety of applications across a wide array of engines, whether you have a small block, big block, flat tappet camshaft or aggressive roller cam valve train. Regardless of the application, all HR conventional oils utilize additives and emulsifiers to counteract engine wear and trap dirt particles, and are compatible with Methanol and leaded fuels. All in all, Driven HR conventional oil is an excellent, low cost performance oil for enthusiasts looking for an effective alternative to synthetic.