Driven Hot Rod Oil Offers Unmatched Wintertime Storage Protection


Huntersville, NCDriven Hot Rod Oil has been formulated specifically with wintertime storage in mind, and utilizes a number of special additives to keep your hot rod engine rust and corrosion free during storage periods.

When it’s time to put your hot rod in storage for the winter, it’s imperative that it has the proper oil to prevent costly post-storage repairs and ensure that your vehicle’s high-performance capacity is not compromised. Because Driven Hot Rod Oil is designed specifically for older-style car and hot rod engines, it features U.S. military-specification rust and corrosion inhibitors not found in other oils. These unique additives fight the formation of rust and defend against corrosion that can occur while your car is in storage. Furthermore, compared to regular passenger car oils, Driven Hot Rod Oil has particularly high levels of Zinc (ZDDP), so it can deliver optimum anti-wear protection during storage periods, especially for older style pushrod and flat tappet engines. This kind of reinforced protection also helps to preserve your camshaft and lifters. Whereas traditional oil can drain to the bottom of the engine and result in dry starts when it’s time to get cranked back up in March, Driven Hot Rod Oil contains additives that counteract this process to reduce cold start wear and prolong engine life.  Overall, no other oil provides the level of protection against rust, corrosion and scuffing during storage that Driven Hot Rod Oil does. It is available in both Petroleum and Synthetic forms, and with 15W-50, 10W-40 and 10W-30 viscosities, so you can get the storage protection you need, whether you have a big-block muscle car, street rod, or small-block street cruiser.